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Wedding Rings

I am a Georgia-based interfaith minister and am ordained by American Marriage Ministries. My vision of love & commitment is reflected in my children and marriage of 17 years.

As an experienced motivational speaker and uplifting social entrepreneur, I believe in equality for all. In addition to my work as an ordained minister, I am a published author of Poverty’s Phoenix, Founder and CEO of the Women’s Diversity Network, and former director of Every Child Matters in NY. I consider myself to be a spiritual person who is always working on strengthening my intuition. I practice reiki, balance chakras, and enjoy meditating.

My Philosophy on Marriage:

I believe you have the right to love who you want to love and be treated equally. I have been married for 17 years and have two courageous children. After having spent some time being a single mother, I understand the joy in finding your soulmate. My advice to couples is to wake up each day asking yourself, how can you make your partner’s life better today. Marriage only works if you work at it.  ~Minister Shanequa

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