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Below Are Events I'm Organizing Or Speaking At:


Meet The Suffolk County School Board Candidates

We Invite You To Ask The Candidates Running For Long Island School Boards Questions Before Voting In The June 9, 2020 Election. This Event Is Free And Open To The Public.


Safeguarding Democracy: The Fight For Free & Fair Elections

What you need to know about the 2020 elections.


On The Scene With James Hodge



Make Your Voice Count


Learn how to use your voice for advocacy and justice.


State & Local Politics

This panel focuses on advocating for change from the outside the political system, to examine how people may effectively influence policy without holding elected office. 


Marijuana Justice Press Conference


Long Island lawmakers, unions and community leaders are holding a press conference to demand that the state legislature include in the next state budget a proposal legalizing marijuana for adult use, which will create tens of thousands of jobs and allow for reinvestment in Long Island communities damaged by the war on drugs. Click Here For More Information.


Blank Slate Media to Host Forum on Bail Reform


A panel featuring state Assemblyman Ed Ra; Edwards J. Perkins Jr., 1st vice president of the NCPD Superior Officers Association, B. Nicole Triplett, policy counsel for the NYCLU; and Shanequa Levin, co-founder of the Long Island Black Alliance will address the controversy regarding bail laws in New York, recent reforms and revisions currently being discussed. Click Here For More information.



Tuoro Forum on Bail Reform


A panel featuring state Assemblyman Ed Ra; Edwards J. Perkins Jr., 1st vice president of the NCPD Superior Officers Association, B. Nicole Triplett, policy counsel for the NYCLU; and Shanequa Levin, co-founder of the Long Island Black Alliance will address the controversy regarding bail laws in New York, recent reforms and revisions currently being discussed. Click Here For More information.



LI Black Advocacy Conference - Meet & Greet


Join us for a meet and greet on Saturday February 1st @ 11AM for all Long Island Black Leaders including our YOUTH that are interested in hosting a Long Island Black Advocacy Conference ("LIBAC")


Roe on the Rocks




Health Equity Task Force Launch


About The Women’s Diversity Network’s Health Equity Task Force
We are creating an environment made up of diverse, complementary organizations, agencies, clinicians, and individuals, as one cohesive force that is supportive of positive health outcomes for Black women and other vulnerable populations on Long Island. We have partnered with a few entity’s like the Birth Justice Warriors and the Suffolk County Office of Minority Health. Come out to learn more about the task force and how you can get involved.


Meet & Greet for LI Black Legislative Conference


We will have a meet and greet for Black Leaders on Long Island that are interested in planning an island-wide Legislative Conference for Black Long Islanders. Youth are encouraged to participate in planning the Youth Summit portion as well. Along with the meet and greet we join work groups discuss the steps we need to take to make this 2020 event happen.
This event is being planned by Shanequa Levin & Carla Simpson.


Sigma Psi Omega Chapter  Scholarship Bunch 2019




Freedom Fighters Forum



State of Black Education on LI



Book Signing and Dinner


Help me celebrate my 40th birthday! Join me for dinner, a discussion about the book, and get your book signed! I will have some books available to purchase.


No Racist Teachers


Please share this and attend! A Freeport teacher thought it would be funny to have students make fun of slavery. An apology is not enough. Her teaching license needs to be revoked!


Poverty’s Phoenix Book Signing


Join us as we celebrate our founder and CEO Shanequa Levin who published her memoir, Poverty’s Phoenix. We will be celebrating in her hometown where the story takes place. She’ll be reading a chapter from the book, taking questions, signing, and selling books! We can eat, drink, and celebrate!


The New Freedom Fighters

Featuring powerful Change Agents & Leaders: Shanequa Levin Founder & CEO of Women’s Diversity Network. Valerie Simon Community Leader, Domestic Violence Advocate & Founder of Against All Oddz and Erika Deans, LMSW Juvenile Justice Reform Advocate. This will be an important discussion for our communities. Don’t miss it!


2nd Annual Women's Diversity Network Summit


The Women's Diversity Network is hosting this day full of women empowerment and calls of action to motivate participants to value intersectional feminimism through advocacy and networking. There will be cultural performances and food from our diverse backgrounds as well! The goal is to educate, empower, and celebrate our diversity and collaboration. Hope to see you there!


#CAKETalkLive - Not So Diverse Long Island!
Racism and Segregation on Long Island.

“Long Island is one of the 10 most racially segregated regions in the country. Isolation from one another has created fear and divisions . . . There is a need to tackle racial segregation head-on.” ~ Elaine Gross, President ERASE Racism
Join in on the conversation with Founder of Women’s Diversity Network, Shanequa Levin and special guest, Adesuwa Obasohan and Dana Lubin Garcia.

Providing candid conversation to strengthen and empower Women and our Communities!


Adelphi University: Human Library

Adelphi University Libraries and The Long Island Women’s Diversity Network invite you to Human Library Adelphi, a place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered. Readers check out real human “books” of different ethnicities, beliefs, and experiences and have conversations about their lives. In celebration of Women’s History Month, this year we will elevate the stories of cisgender women, women who are transgender, gender-nonconforming, intersex, and non-binary individuals.


Girls Inc. of LI: Year of The Girl Breakfast



LI News Radio The Women's Roundtable

Today on the Women's Rountable on JVC Broadcasting's, LI in the AM with Jay Oliver, listen to us discuss the state of racism, the cost of hate, and the steeper price tag of indifference.


Huntington Community Council Workshop


Huntington Community Council, an initiative of the Huntington Leadership Foundation, provides programs for Not-For-Profits. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Your Workplace, presenter: Shanequa Levin, Founder/CEO Women’s Diversity Network (WDN). Click Here For More information.


Church Talk Radio

Sport Journalist Rev. Thomas Humphrey on another episode of the LION ROAR with John Martell and Shanequa Levin


Vote For Your Rights


Let's increase voter turn-out at this non-partisan, multicultural event! We'll come together and set up a temporary dining area to encourage voting in this year’s election! Come dressed in statement or white t-shirts displaying reasons people should vote. We will provide the exclusive experience, candidate engagement, and more. Cash Bar!


Stop The War on Women - The Handmaid's Resistance

Recent legislation passed by the House of Representatives bans abortions after 20 weeks, with supporting votes by Representatives Peter King and Lee Zeldin. This, coupled with the Trump Administration’s roll back of contraceptive coverage by any company or nonprofit citing religious or moral objection, is a direct attack on women’s basic human rights. Women should decide when they will, or will not, have children. The Trump Administration should not force women to submit to the religious beliefs of their employers, which put them at risk for an unwanted pregnancy. The Administration should not victimize the 1 percent of women who seek an abortion after 20 weeks; these cases involve difficult and often dangerous personal circumstances. Survivors of sexual assault should be protected by the law, not re-victimized by it. Rolling back survivor protections is an affront to these courageous women who have stood up and spoken out.The event will feature a variety of speakers, some of whom will share powerful personal stories. We will NOT be turned into real life Handmaids!


Breaking the Cycle of Generational Poverty

The guest speaker will be Shanequa Levin, Every Child Matters NY Director, Women Diversity Network Founder, Co- Founder of the Long Island Back Alliance, and Long Island Mocha Moms. She'll discuss "Breaking the Cycle of Generational Poverty," and how her affiliations plan to address the importance of voting, how allies can support actions that address issues black people face, and how we can build bridges that celebrate diversity. We'll also be blessed by the soulful voice of Mrs. Noret Bazemore, owner of Bella Latina Cakes. Click Here For More Information.


LIBA's Think Tank Meeting

Long Island Black Alliance (LIBA) invites you to join us for dinner at our June Think Tank Meeting. We'll hear from groups working on issues with the police, discuss what's going on in our towns, and learn how to make our vote count.


Grassroots Childcare

Grassroots leaders gather in Washington, D.C., for an historic meeting to ask their leaders to join the movement for child care and early education. The work will continue in communities across the country as parents, early educators, caregivers, and advocates partner to demand that high-quality child care and early education options are available to all families and make fair wages a reality for workers. Click Here For More Information.


Addressing SCPD Abuse

Let's come together to discuss recent altercations with the SCPD, identify polices we want addressed, and create a plan of action for better police accountability and more.


March For Our Lives- LI

Join SUNY Old Westbury Students & the LI Women's Diversity Network on March 24th. Youth and families will be supporting March For Our Lives by rallying at SUNY Old Westbury to demand that their lives and safety become a priority, and that we end gun violence and mass shootings in our schools today.


Inaugural Long Island Women's Diversity Summit

In honor of Women’s History Month, The Long Island Women’s Diversity Network is hosting a Women’s Diversity Summit in March 2018 that empowers Long Island Women of diverse backgrounds to gain strength from each other.
The intent of this Summit is to connect LI Women so that they can mobilize each other and create positive changes on LI through a more unified sisterhood.
The summit will accomplish this through:
• Educating Long Islanders around issues and policies that challenge our unity as Long Islanders.
• Empowering women to break down barriers for improved inclusion and advocacy for all.
• Celebrating our diverse backgrounds.


Roe on the Rocks


Come Celebrate the 46th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade
We want to thank all of our amazing activists for the work you've done. Join us to celebrate with each other and engage with our legislators about reproductive health care access in New York and the United States.

Cosponsored by Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic and the Women's Diversity Network.


Reframing the Conversation about Race in America

How do we talk about race in America? How do the protest songs of our times reflect the evolution of this conversation?

Join a panel of musicians, educators and activists as they engage with the audience to explore the historical background of these songs and implications for today and the future. Panelists include Napoleon Revels-Bey of Nassau Performing Arts,Inc and Elaine Gross of ERASE Racism. Moderated by Shanequa Levin, Every Child Matters.


UPLAN 2017 National Gathering

Advocating for Kids During Elections. Click here For Information.


Embrace Your CAKE'S 2nd Annual Conference- "Unapologetically Winning"



Stand Together Vigil & Call To Action

The black community on Long Island is not going to stand for hatred and racism, please stand with us at this peaceful Vigil! We will have a few speakers inviting us to continue to take action together.


Psychic Night & Dinner


LI Head Start Annual Gala



Congregations, Candidates & Conversations



When Words Have The Power: Stories of Justice

Listen to the voices of community leaders and story tellers as they reveal how memoirs can change hearts, minds and policies. Hear powerful excerpts of memoirs that will allow you to step into the shoes of those who are confronting violence, racism, immigration, incarceration, and poverty. Discover how these personal testimonies are making a difference.


University of Las Vegas: Children's Opportunity Forum



Annual Parent-Child Home Program Conference

“Your Voice Matters: Inspiring Advocacy for Children and Families” Shanequa Levin,
Campaign Director, Every Child Matters, Long Island. In this speech and interactive session, participants will gain and practice effective advocacy tools, have lively discussions, and leave feeling empowered and excited to effectively use their voice to step up for children.

Shanequa Levin will share her personal story and remind us of why community programs that support children and parents matter. Born into poverty and raised by a teen mother, with her father incarcerated through her early years, and both parents having drug dependencies, Shanequa will share her story of survival and success, and remind us of the strength of matriarchs and the support they bring to their children, despite their own trials and tribulations.

She will provide a glimpse of what it is like to be raised in a family with a parent in prison, and talk about how she ultimately created her own path for herself and her family.


New York State Head Start's Annual Professional Development Conference

Keynote Speaker.


Vision Long Island: Tactical Urbanism – Placemaking Strategies

What makes places family friendly?  Giving parents and children places to go, places to meet and places to shop helps local businesses.  Coupling family friendly activities like sprinkler parks or outdoor movie nights or concerts, with places to go eat afterwards makes them more user friendly.  Even simple things like restrooms with changing tables or expecting mother parking, makes places more supportive of more types of users. Click Here To Learn More.


Molloy College



When Words Have The Power: Stories For Justice

Listen to the voices of community leaders and storytellers as they reveal how memoirs can change hearts, minds, and policies. Join the Patchogue Arts Council (PAC) and Herstory Writer’s Workshop in a celebration of Bridges to Justice, a space where books are born. Hear excerpts of memoirs that allow you to step into the shoes of those who are confronting gun violence, racism, immigration, incarceration, and poverty and discover how these books in progress are making a difference.


Suffolk County Teen Pregnancy Conference

Keynote Reader.


A Day Of Hope & Healing

It is a day to heal, learn, be inspired, treat yourself, & loved ones.


Congressional Primary Candidate Forum

This is our chance to collectively ask candidates running for office where the stand on childrens issues. Mainstream media doesn't ask them, so the public has to take it in their hands to be the voice for children. Come out and ask a question, or to show your support for children.


Getting Back To Me

Last year started a journey to fortify my soul. I wanted to make myself be enough, to find the happiness in me and not from others. I wanted to truly love and accept myself. I have come across a lot of teachings from some great spiritual leaders.
Some of you have been asking me to share some of the things I’ve been learning or have wanted to accompany me to some of the events I find. Since I consider myself a student of all this I would love for you all to be my classmates! Each month we’ll get together and learn together. I have lots of material for us to study from. Things like:
Abraham and Esther Hicks- Law of Attraction
The Michael Teachings- Soul Evolution
A course in Miracles
Louise Hay- Positive Affirmations
We will also go to conferences, have speakers, and more. If you haven’t asked me about this and are receiving this invite, it’s because I really feel that if you give this a chance, you will find that it will improve your life as it has done mine.
I hope you can join me for a light dinner and enlightening conversations.


Stories For Justice

Join me and others as we read excerpts from books we are working on. These stories are heartfelt and empowering. There will be a reception afterwards.


March For Every Child

Our message is still a simple one...we want our future president to know that kids should be at the top of his political agenda.


BubbleMania Family Fun Day

Join us and  famous Casey Carle of BubbleMania who will perform for our kids. He's amazing and there will be lots of audience participation. It's free too!! Just write a handwritten Dear Mr. Future President letter. Have it state how you feel about children's issues and why it's important to you & your family.


Summer BBQ & Flash Mob

Join Every Child Matters-LI along with Dialogue Beyond Borders for our free Summer BBQ and to help us participate in the "Rock Your Park" Flash Mob Contest.

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